About the Project

In Central Africa Republic, after a long and hurtful civil war more than 67% of the population live from less than 1 USD per day. 38% of children are suffering from chronic malnutrition and additional 10% from acute malnutrition.

Ten thousands of children in the hole country are living on the street without parents, without access to education and healthcare.

In Bangui alone there are 3000 street children.

With our project mama10 we are giving a family to these children.

One mother for 10 children, mainly qualified nurses, looks after the children, starting in the first phase with nutrition, access to health care in cooperation with local hospitals and doctors and extending in the second phase to building homes and establishing small families.

Our target is to give a new home to 1000 street children within 2017.

What our Mamas do

  • Supervising our children during the day
  • Cooking for them
  • Going to the hospital when needed
  • Taking care of formalities
  • Supply needed medicines
  • Inscribe our children to school
  • Learning French with them
  • Keeping them out of trouble
  • Dealing with authorities

We are building small houses in the areas Ouango and Bimbo in order to give a permanent home to our children.

The Concept

With our concept of having one mama for 10 children we have created a real family dynamic and feeling of care for our children and mamas.
Everyone has already accepted the concept of mamas that became known very fast in the hole city of Bangui. More and more street children are coming to our office every day seeking for help. We try to help everyone at least with food and medical care. We take all children in need to local hospitals for treatment as children under 15 years are not accepted without accompaniment of an adult. Minor problems we treat onsite with the help of our nurses.